Layton, Calvanico, Richardson selected as co-moderators for key Wednesday Q&A panel

A successful trio of industry retailers have agreed to serve as moderators for the traditional Wednesday “no holds barred” Q&A with manufacturing executives at the 2015 Industry Summit.

The Wednesday Q&A session is a prime opportunity for retailer attendees to gain insight into manufacturer strategies and to target opportunities for industry improvement. Ken Richardson of Pastime Sports & Games, Mike Calvanico from East Coast Connection and Rich Layton of Layton Sports Cards have been selected as co-moderators for the 2015 Summit’s final panel discussion.

“These are challenging times for our industry, and it’s important to have a forum like this at the Summit to have tough questions asked and answered,” Layton said.

Per tradition, Panini America, Topps and Upper Deck will appoint executives from their Sales and Product/Marketing departments to participate in the panel. This year’s participants are DJ Kazmierczak and Jim Stefano from Panini; Clay Luraschi and Kevin O’Neil from Topps; and Grant Sandground and Mike Phillips from Upper Deck.

Summit attendees are encouraged to submit proposed questions to Calvanico, Layton and Richardson at any time during the conference, though the ultimate agenda will be set by co-moderators.