Want $500 cash? Great Memory Lane consignment offer!

Memory Lane – the prominent sports auction house and new Industry Summit corporate partner — is offering up to $500 in on-the-spot cash to Summit attendees who consign items to its Spring Auction.


The offer is exclusive to registered Summit attendees; Memory Lane will accept card and autograph consignments from the sports, non-sports, Americana, historical and Hollywood categories.

“Everybody likes some extra walking-around money during their stay in Las Vegas,” said JP Cohen, Memory Lane owner. “If Summit attendees are willing to bring some cool items to Vegas, we thought it would be fun to reward them with up to $500 in cold, hard cash – on the spot at our corporate booth.”
To qualify for the $500 award, consignments must have a value of $5000 or more. If the qualifying item value is less than $5000, Memory Lane will offer a 10% cash payment to the consigner.

For more information on the special Summit offer or Memory Lane’s plans for the 2014 Industry Summit, contact the company via contactus@memorylaneinc.com or via phone at 714-730-0600.