Peach State Sports launches ‘3-for-3 with RG III” promotion

Peach State launches ‘3-for-3 with RG III’ promotion

LAS VEGAS (March 6, 2013) – Peach State Sports will launch an innovative “3-for-3 with RG III’’ promotion in support of Panini’s upcoming NFL trading card products at the upcoming Industry Summit.

Peach State customers who purchase at least one case each of 2013 Panini Score NFL, 2013 Panini Prestige NFL and 2013 Panini Elite NFL will receive an autographed Robert Griffin III Redskins jersey as part of the package. The offer will be available to the 270+ retailers who will be attending the March 17-20 trade conference, as well as Peach State Sports’ customers across the country.

“We’ll be promoting this big-time at The Summit,’’ said Peach State Sports’ Ashlee Miller.
There is no volume limit to the promotion. Peach State will deliver the autographed maroon Griffin III jerseys along with the Elite NFL case shipments, giving retailers plenty of time to plan and execute in-store promotions. Retailers interested in reserving their cases can contact Peach State Sports at 800-756-2601 or visit the company’s Home Base booth during the March 17-20 Industry Summit.