Mosaiq to unveil new collector research at 2013 Summit

Mosaiq to unveil new collector research at 2013 Summit


LAS VEGAS (Feb 20, 2013) — Retailers and corporate partners attending the 2013 Industry Summit will benefit from the industry’s first professionally conducted consumer research study in nearly a decade.

Mosaiq Market Intelligence Group ( partnered with The Industry Summit to execute a market research study of consumer buying habits. The study profiles trading card purchasers, evaluates perceptions of manufacturers and retailers, and identifies areas of opportunity for the industry. The Mosaiq team—Lori Van Santen, Melody Bluhm, and Greg Halperin—will share their findings during two special presentations at the Summit for sports collectible executives (March 17-20, Orleans Hotel & Casino (

“We are thrilled with Mosaiq’s willingness to share their expertise with our industry partners,’’ said Kevin Isaacson, Industry Summit host. “Enhanced understanding of our collector base – especially those enthusiasts who have recently re-entered the market – is a key contributor to continued category growth.’’

The Mosaiq team will present to the Summit’s retailer attendees on Sunday, March 17, and will also deliver a presentation to corporate attendees on Monday, March 18. For an exclusive preview of the survey results, or for more information on Mosaiq Market Intelligence Group, contact Lori Van Santen ( For more information on the 2013 Industry Summit, visit