MLBPA’s Kaplan to conduct Distribution Seminar at 2013 Summit

MLBPA’s Kaplan to conduct Distributor Q&A at 2013 Summit

LAS VEGAS (March 23, 2013) – Less than 48 hours after the 2012 Industry Summit’s farewell message, organizers have already confirmed a featured interactive session in the Summit’s 2013 business program.
Evan Kaplan, Director of Licensing and Business Development at the Major League Baseball Players Association, has agreed to conduct a Q&A session with representatives of every authorized distribution company serving the trading card industry. The 2013 Industry Summit is scheduled March 17-20, 2013.

“I want to open the floor and let the distributors explain what they offer hobby shops,’’ Kaplan said. “They are so many distribution options in our industry today … I want the attendees to have an opportunity to hear from the distributors and to understand which companies provide the highest levels of service and promotional support.’’

Kaplan and Summit host Kevin Isaacson decided to announce the 2013 Distribution Q&A now to underscore the critical role that distributor evolution plays in the industry’s growth. Isaacson said he expects the wholesale community to make significant advancements in the communication, training and promotion services they offer throughout the next 12 months.

“Going forward, competition among distributors will focus much less on product and price, and much more on additional value provided to both suppliers and customers,’’ Isaacson said. “We observed many creative advancements during this year’s Summit – and several distributors have already committed to new investments and staffing in the marketing and technology areas. It will be interesting, and quite revealing, to assess the impact of these developments during Evan’s Q&A at our 2013 Industry Summit.’’