LCS, Group Breaker annual meetings to kick off Summit

LAS VEGAS – More than 250 local card store owners from across the US and Canada will convene Sunday, March 16, for the LCS annual meeting – a critical agenda-setting event for the 2014 Industry Summit.

During the 2-hour LCS-exclusive meeting, retailers will discuss and prioritize issues and opportunities across the hobby marketplace. In addition, attendees will develop the questions that will be posed during manufacturer panel discussions and Q&A sessions throughout the Summit.

“This meeting is our opportunity to speak with one voice to the manufacturers, licensors, distributors and service providers,’’ said Wayne Wagner, an Edmonton-based retailer who will serve as a co-chair of the LCS meeting. “The annual meeting is the one time, each year, that we can come together and really target ideas that will improve the market – for hobby retailers, and ultimately, the collectors that we all serve.’’

Joining Wagner as co-chairs for the LCS annual meeting are Charlie DiPietro (Sports Cards Plus, TX), Lisa Stellato (Never Enough Cards, NY), Mike Fruitman (Stadium Sports, CO), Gary Mills (West Allis Sports Cards, WI) and Jim Bernardini (Lefty’s, CA). In addition to facilitating discussion during the annual meeting, the co-chairs will be tasked with posing questions prioritized during the LCS meeting to executives from Topps, Panini America and Upper Deck during Tuesday’s manufacturer panel discussion.

“We definitely have a lot to discuss,’’ Mills said. “I look forward to working with the entire group to bring forward the best topics and ideas at this year’s Summit.”;

GROUP BREAK ANNUAL MEETING: Concurrent with the LCS annual meeting, the industry’s group breakers will gather to discuss strategies for moving their segment of the market forward. The Group Breaker annual meeting will take place at 12:30 PM on Sunday, March 16.

Co-chairs for the annual meeting will be Doug Caskey of and Michael Hodges of STL Sports Cards. In addition to product and marketing initiatives, the group will discuss industry research opportunities with the team at Mosaiq Market Intelligence Group.

Access to the group breaker meeting is limited to authorized group breakers. In addition to chairing the meeting, Hodges and Caskey will be tasked with posing questions prioritized during the Group Breaker meeting to executives from Topps, Panini America and Upper Deck during the manufacturer panel discussion and subsequent Q&A session. host Kevin Isaacson at